The Bells of The Fourth Planet
Reading this book in one breath, I really forget that it’s just first part of trilogy. The end did encircle this exciting adventure – love story, but left me with many open questions and desire for reading more. I love thriller, but I’m not a big fan of science fiction. Interestingly, as I was “flaying” through pages, the imagination of writer and his intergalactic fantasy seemed very real. You can tell that writer knows a lot about ancient history and astronomy. Yet, he manages to come up with his own theories, which are authentic and make you feel like you’ve learned something new. The story represents a good platform for expressing writer’s thoughts, ideas, life philosophy and moral principles.
Characters are easy to relate to, I shared their happiness, impatience, disappointment, curiosity… They took me with them to amazing journey, I saw fantastic places and colours and heard sounds from other planets, galaxies, universes.. All of that – without having to leave my room, That’s what I call a good book!
Mr. Qusay, I wish that your inspiration never fades out. Thank you for this extraterrestrial experience, keep up with good work! Looking forward to reading the sequels. Maja Mitov

A phenomenal book, very educational and really gets you thinking deep. It leaves you breathless and you just can’t put it down until you finish reading. I would say a lot of true thinks we aren’t even aware of are in this book, so much about all of us and the history of us that we are just not mindful of or sometimes even refuse to admit to ourselves.
It is a great pleasure having had the chance to read the sequel to the first book, the second book in the trilogy, that is just as captivating as the first one, if not more. When you catch your heart beating faster, feeling scared or smiling as you read and you weren’t even aware you were doing it until you stopped to think then you know the writer managed to do what many directors couldn’t! I am impatiently and anxiously waiting for the third book to be out and for the author to gain the success he deserves! 
Nena Bogic

What a great website, so informative, I really like it. Thank you Qusay, I am looking forward to reading your novel, keep writing and all the best. Senaa Zainy

Living in world we know, with a prejudice we have inherited from different sources, this book give us guide to the different direction. Milan Lalosevic

A captivating beginning. Can’t wait to read more. Lea Olivier

Jedva cekam da mogu da je kupim preko interneta. Osman Alikalfic

I’m thrilled at the way the writer merger reality with a whole other world we can all almost believe a little bit! This is a touching novel that holds the attention and keeps you wondering until the end. I think the live outside of Earth and the Universe and planets in the book can be viewed as a representation with any man’s inner peace and state, as a deep wish for everything to be well and balanced in the imaginary and new worlds is shown. I would also like to praise the writing stile of the author as it is very approachable and easy to understand. Way to go and keep on going! I am waiting for a sequel. Jelena Gnjatovic 

I have some prejudice about science fiction novels, and with that prejudice I started reading this one, which is, as I’ve found out, much more than the genre it belongs to. It is a warm human story about love and friendship, an exciting thriller with elements of history, religion and the eternal fight between good and evil. Anyone who tries can find a piece of themselves and their thoughts and wondering in it, and the book will definitely find the way to any readers hearts. I consider myself privileged to be in the circle of people who got to read the book first and i know that it will succeed. I am excited to see the continuation! Marija Obradovic

It wasn’t easy getting myself to start reading this novel. Prejudice can be crazy. Unfortunately I am only human and with that I am susceptible to human flaws such as prejudice. I don’t normally like science fiction or anything containing something to us (humans) inexplicable. So I have let this book sit on my desk for a week and a half, which was probably a bit rude of me. However, when I finally got myself to start reading it I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN! I haven’t finished yet but judging by the pace I’m going at it will be over by tomorrow. I just wanted to say you have managed to combine all the doubts, all the thoughts and questions that probably go through any man’s mind all the time, but only a few dare speak them out loud, and that’s exactly due to those prejudice we all have. Reading some of these pages I felt like you were inside my mind, writing about all of those things that i think about so often when contemplating who we are, where we came from and where we are going. You’ve touched on all the conundrums about the set rules and moral guidelines and everything that is pushed on us or that we simply do not want to change since we’re little and powerless. Marija Salai

A book that you read in one sitting, a combination of imagination, emotion and suspense. I was anxiously waiting for each thing about to happen, feeling like I personally know all the characters.The way science fiction and a love story are intertwined is very interesting. The book has a very good message and we get to see various human qualities that manifest in different life situations. If I had known that the ending will leave such a strong impression on me I would have stalled the reading a bit (if it would even be possible to do that with this kind of a book), in anticipation of a sequel. If the next two books are as picturesque and realistic about portraying life on other planets I might just start believing this piece to be the truth. It is a great pleasure reading your lovely book. Thank you! Milica Cepic