To experience the book in the right way, you must peek into the author’s soul.
A book is an intimate part of its creators soul, a magic that surfaces, his thoughts that materialize in the eyes of the readers, take shape, color, sound and taste. A writer who can manage to satisfy all of these senses in a reader, make all aspects come to life, knows how to work that magic.
It starts off with a couple of pages that might have you thinking the whole book will be a drag, but then a female character appears, a sensual description and the story takes a 180 degrees turn, the readers imagination is awakened. He is now anticipating, wondering what happens next, speeds up his reading pace, eager to find out.
Excellently done, it shows the writer is a top player and well lived, and even familiar with the human psyche which he uses to create the main characters personas.

He is Alex.
The meaning of the name ‘Alex’ is ‘the protector of people’ or ‘the defender of people’. The name is wisely picked and it is a shame the meaning of it isn’t mentioned somewhere in the book itself as not many people know this and it is an excellent tell of the mission bestowed upon the main character.
On the other hand all of us have been ‘Alex’ at least once in our lives and anybody can identify with the main character.

Alex – a man who has lost everything, who finds himself hitting bottom, a hopeless man… Does he go insane when faced with that and finds solace in his own imaginary world or is it all real? Either way he is in the process of awakening.
The further the reader gets into the book he becomes more and more connected with these characters, recognizing himself in them. Their world becomes our world. The reader falls in love with the book. The interaction happens.
Powerful knowledge of spirituality, philosophy, physics and meta physics, ancient civilizations history are all intertwined in this story. It has the ability to materialize itself and come to life, sending the reader of into the ether..
It is the right time for this kind of literature. The piece is completely commercial and already promises a good movie story line. Tanja Jacovic Petrovic I


The first book made a strong impression on me. This second one feels like an introduction to something extremely big that is yet to come.
Unlike the first book, The Grand Secret really reminds me of a movie script, filled with dialogue and scenes that i can already imagine playing out.
Now the question is how skilled I am in the general area you are dealing with to give an opinion. I’ve given it a lot of thought as i read the book, and until about 4 years ago i would be the ideal average reader taking it all in as easy science fiction, a nice stroll into the world of imagination. However I am now and with the experiences i’ve had i interpret your work and yourself in an entirely different way. What you write about and how you write about it shows you are a person who had been through a lot and who has spiritually grown very much during on that life journey. The ease that you write with whilst writing about heavy things is marvelous. I’m talking about the hard bits in the book, that even though are painful for the main characters you put in place so well that when we read them and experience them along with the characters we can instantaneously realize that it’s all life, that there is a solution to every problem. You give us hope and guidance throughout both books that leads us to spiritual growth, understanding of the meaning of life which is that we must never give up the fight for our own and the civilization’s as a whole.
I thank you for that.
Thank you for the hope that it will be better in the end, and that if it is not better it is not the end.
Tanja Jacovic Petrovic I