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Qusay Al Ansari, a civil engineer by vocation, born in Baghdad, Iraq. Residing in Belgrade, Serbia since 1991. Mr. Ansari has been dabbling in writing since an early age. At only fourteen he wrote a comedy school play entitled “Doctor” it was his first complete work. The popular play is being performed to this day on the yearly celebration of the school he attended. Due to harsh censorship laws in Iraq during  his youth most of his early works remain on paper only, among them novels like, “The Truth is Here”, “The Invisible Dictator” and “She and I“’ as well as several comic books. Several years after becoming a successful engineer, he returned to his passion of writing and completed the novel “The Bells of The Fourth Planet” a science-fiction work in which he conveys an important message about reality and what it is to be human in an interesting, entertaining and a non-pretentious manner.
    Qusay Al Ansari


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